Prosthetic Devices



A prosthesis is defined as an artificial substitute for a missing body part, such as an arm, leg, eye, or tooth; used for functional or cosmetic reasons or both.  At HOPE, we specialize in the custom design, fitting and fabrication of custom arms and legs.  The prosthetic field has seen many advancements that have improved the quality of the amputees lives.  The primary factors in determining the design of a prosthesis include the level of amputation, personal goals, as well as the functional and cognitive ability of the amputee.  


The staff at HOPE is highly trained in the selection, design, fabrication and fitting of all of the various prosthetic devices.  They are trained on all of the latest technology and are able to select the design that is most appropriate for each individual.  With 4 prosthetists on the HOPE staff, the combined experience of the prosthetic team is over 75 years.  This team of prosthetists works collaboratively to provide the best outcomes for each patient.  The goal of the team at HOPE is to provide a prosthetic device that maximizes the functional abilities of each individual.     



HOPE Artistic Prosthetics