Custom Prosthetic Devices



Each person has unique requirements when it comes to orthopedic devices.  A custom made device can offer the patient the best chance to achieve their maximum functional potential.  At HOPE, we specialize in designing and fabricating custom prosthetic and orthotic devices to fill the needs of each individual.  Our clinic is full equipped with state of the art lab that allows for fabrication of each custom device to be done on-site.  Our team of clinicians and technicians are highly skilled in the techniques of fabricating these devices.  The clinical staff works closely with the technicians to insure that the patient receives the best possible prosthetic or orthotic device.


The process of designing and fabricating custom orthotic and prosthetic devices requires obtaining an impression of the affected body part.  This can be done by taking a plaster or fiberglass mold, or through a scanning process.  This creates a positive model from which the device can be fabricated.  There are various materials that may be utilized to fabricate the device.  The type of material is selected by the clinician in an effort to provide maximum comfort and control.  In the end, each patient is provided with a device that is custom made for their unique needs.


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