The Nu-FlexSIV Socket Technology


Does your current prosthesis…cut into your hip and pelvis when you sit, make you tired, or not seem to move with you?

The Nu-FlexSIV socket, which is recommended for anyone who is active or who wants to increase his/her activity level, was designed to improve comfort without compromising function. Its design helps provide improved fit, security, and less fatigue.



Watch Tammy Billington's story with the Nu-FlexSIV Socket Technology.


  • Vacuum Technology for a Secure Socket:

    An elevated vacuum pump built into the socket automatically pulls air out between the socket and the gel liner creating a tight seal between the limb and the socket.
  • Better Pressure Points:

    Other above-the-knee sockets circle the hip joint and portions of the pelvis which limit movement at the hip and compromises comfort. The Nu-FlexSIV socket has a flexible top and does not go up as high on the upper thigh and hip. This design allows for better involvement of the wearer’s own hip and leg, giving greater control of the prosthesis than traditional sockets.


Advantage of Nu-FlexSIV Socket:

    • Lower socket brim allows for easier casting and fittings
    • Improves range of motion
    • More flexibility
    • Enhances gait
    • Increases activity level, leading to better health improvements
    • More comfortable for sitting, standing and walking
    • Less fatigue

Shelli Hale, CPO, part of H.O.P.E.’s team, was the first Kansas City-area prosthetist specifically trained on how to fit and fabricate the socket. She has the most experience in the local area with the NU-Flex socket and can help determine if it’s right for you or your patients.


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