Patient satisfaction is the benchmark of our success 

  The trusting relationships we build with our patients are the reward that keeps us pushing to be the best at what we do. Read what satisfied patients have to say about the H.O.P.E. experience. 


 Bobby’s Story
HOPE Bobbys Success Story
Lorenzo's Story
HOPE Lorenos Story photoHOPE Lorenzo photo
Follow the journey of HOPE patient and amputee, Lorenzo R, as he goes through the expedited fitting process at HOPE and gets his new artificial arm! Lorenzo was casted and fit for his new prosthesis in one day. The HOPE practitioners and lab techs worked swiftly to put together his new arm. On day #2, Lorenzo was able to wear his new arm and learn how to use it. A couple months later, a cosmetic cover was added to his new arm. Lorenzo comes back to the HOPE office and shares with us how much it has helped him get his life back to normal!
Dan's Story
HOPE Dans Commercial 
 Tim’s Story
HOPE Tim Clark Book
Tim Clark ( Interviewed on KMBC's After Words, discusses life and his book, "With God All Things Are Possible!".
Tim Clark was born with one arm and no legs, but this did not stop him from leading an extraordinary life. Tim Clark currently works as an accountant for DST Systems in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a member of the Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri where Francis O’Donnell is the pastor. In 1991 Tim graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Business Administration. 
HOPE Tims Success story -Tim ClarkHOPE Tim CHOPE Tim B
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 Donnie’s Story 
HOPE Donnies Success Story
Former H.O.P.E. practitioner Donnie Priest’s experience with prosthetics began long before it became his career. A double-amputee himself, Donnie’s understanding of what it’s like to wear prostheses gives him unique insight into his patients’ needs and concerns. The trusting relationships we build with our patients are the reward that keeps us pushing to be the best at what we do.                                                                                      WATCH VIDEO 
HOPE Donnies Success Story - Donnie Priest
When Donnie was eleven-years-old, he was involved in a plane crash that claimed the lives of his mother and stepfather, and left him stranded for five days in the snow-covered Sierra mountains. Unable to move and exposed to  extremely cold temperatures, the incident left his feet badly frost-bitten. After numerous surgeries, doctors were forced to amputate both of his legs below the knee. Donnie faced the death of his parents, and subsequent loss of his legs with incredible optimism. Encouraged by people ranging from his remaining family to professional athletes to President Reagan - all inspired by Donnie’s story of survival - Donnie overcame adversity. He was a high school wrestler, a skier, and fortunately for H.O.P.E. - he became one of the finest orthotic and prosthetic practitioners around. 
HOPE Donnies Success Story - Skier
He shared his optimism with the patients he saw everyday, believing that progress comes from focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t. According to Donnie, “If you can state that or figure out ways around that and live a happy life, figure out your perception of loss, then you will be a lot happier.”
Performer Experiences Personal Renaissance thanks to H.O.P.E., Limbs for Life        
spotlight reeseHOPE Reeces Success Story - News 1HOPE Reecess Success Story - News 2reese pic
(Article Courtesy of KSHB—TV 41)
Reece's Story 
With sword in hand, Reece Nelson fights off the enemy. If you've been to the Renaissance Festival, you've probably seen Nelson perform. It's not the sword he holds that makes him so memorable, but the crutch he holds in his other hand. Nelson had his left leg amputated shortly after birth. Nelson's old prosthetic limb grew uncomfortable, so Nelson opted for crutches for five years living With One Leg. Reece Nelson raises his sword during a performance at the Renaissance Festival. "Without insurance it's almost impossible for someone like me to afford a prosthesis," Nelson said. It didn't stop Nelson from doing what he loves. Nelson's "can-do" attitude inspired his prosthetist to find a way to help. Horizon Orthotic & Prosthetic Experience (H.O.P.E.)teamed up with a non-profit group to get Nelson a prosthetic limb. Limbs For Life donated money and the components for the prosthesis and Horizon did the rest. "The prosthetist designs and fabricates the socket and puts everything together and does all the clinical work with the patient," Horizon Certified Prosthetist Shelli Hale said. Horizon custom made a leg to fit Nelson's medical and sporting needs. "His lack of a prosthesis was limiting him and we really wanted to help," Hale said. Nelson can't believe someone would want to help him, and help his fencing. He's practicing new styles of fencing that were impossible to use on just one leg. "With the prosthesis now I'm able to branch out with the stuff I've studied for years and start to really do it so it's very exciting," Nelson said.
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        HOPE Gary Banjo Player  HOPE Gary Banjo Playing
Gary's Story 
In December of 2009, Gary lost the top third of his left index finger due to an accident involving a table saw. As a musician, the loss was especially devastating, leaving him unable to play his favorite instrument-the banjo. Gary contacted numerous prosthetic providers looking for a device that would allow him to regain the ability to make music, but was only offered purely cosmetic solutions. He then came into contact with H.O.P.E. co-founder, Mike Schultz. The two exchanged a series of emails, and before long, Gary was in our Overland Park office, banjo in hand. He demonstrated the type of movement, reach and flexibility needed to play the banjo. Equipped with this insight and a physical impression of Gary's finger, we were able to construct a custom-made appliance that did the job, working closely with Gary to achieve the right shape. Gary's experience inspired him to form an online community for musicians facing adversity to share support and advice. His creation, the Musician's Recovery Network, has already received some incredible stories of truly courageous people who like Gary have overcome significant hardships and regained the ability to perform.
Jose's Story
HOPE Joses photo
Jose Madera lost his index, middle and pinky fingers in a work related accident, when an I-beam fell on his right hand, crushing his fingers. His doctor was able to save his thumb and ring finger, however his ring finger is fused. Thanks to the M-finger, H.O.P.E. is now teaching him to use the customized device to handle objects both large and small. 
 Kortney' s Story
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HOPE Kourtney Clemons USA ChampionHOPE Kourtney Clemons 100 MeterHOPE Kourtney Clemons 200 Meter  
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Kortney Clemons interview NBC News - In an interview with the NBC Mid Day show, Kortney Clemons talks about his injury, experience with the Army Wounded Warrior Education Initiative, and his Paralympic training with Kansas University. 
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