Dave Kimzy 2012

Dave Kimzey is an ABC-certified orthotist with more than 29 years of clinical and professional experience. Dave became an amputee when he was a 22-year-old due to an industrial accident. He lived for a number of years with a damaged lower leg before his amputation and had to wear special shoes and foot orthotic in attempt save his leg. After several frustrating years and multiple surgeries, he decided to have his limb amputated. Living most of his life with orthotic and prosthetic devices not only helps him understand how the fit of these devices affects function, it also gives him great insight into the psychological changes and adaptations that physically challenged individuals go through.
Dave began his orthotic career in 1981 working as a technician for Orthopedic Service Center inc. in the lab where he fabricated orthotic and prosthetic devices. He quickly grew into a role where he assisted the clinicians with patient care. This led him to pursue a full time career in orthotics. Dave then began working for a national prosthetics and orthotics company in 1988 and became a clinical manager of their office in Kansas City, KS. He continued with this role until 2003 when he took a management position in California. To balance work, finances, and family values, Dave moved from back to Kansas City from California in 2010 to work for Horizon Orthotic & Prosthetic Experience, Inc.
Dave, who wears a below-knee prosthesis, is able to apply the concepts learned through his education, training, work experience, and life experiences to all aspects of prosthetics and orthotics. From answering a simple question, to fitting and building a custom orthotic device, Dave enjoys the diversity in the field and likes the multi-faceted integration of so many parts that go into making the person using an orthotic device restore as much quality of life as possible.