Rebecca Ewing 2012

Rebecca Ewing grew up in the Kansas City area. She attended college for undergraduate studies at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Here she majored in Psychology, Pre Physical Therapy and Critical Though and Inquiry. She minored in Coaching and Performance Enhancement. Rebecca also played four years on the women’s soccer team at Jewell as a goalie.
Upon graduating from Jewell, Rebecca began working at HOPE as a technician. She worked full time as a technician from January 2010 to August 2010, acquiring observation hours in the field. She started prosthetic school in August 2010 through Northwestern University. While in school online she continued to work part-time as a technician. In January 2011, Rebecca went to Chicago for the clinical portion of the program. She graduated Prosthetic school at the end of March 2011. She returned to work at HOPE as a prosthetic resident. Rebecca started orthotic school in November of 2011 and will graduate at the end of June 2012. Rebecca is currently has completed her prosthetic residency and will take boards over the summer. She will follow that with the same process through orthotics in order to achieve the status of a CPO.